Halloween Makeup Remover Tips

Makeup Remover Tips
Halloween weekend is upon us, so that means  it’s time to pass out candy and dress up as your favorite vampire, animal, or reality TV star!
After the madness of Halloween comes the nursing of a hangover and the removal of your fake blood, fake tan, or false eyelashes.
We’ve got 3 around-the-house items that can help you with your Halloween makeup removal!
1. Baking Soda. When  mixed with a little water, baking soda makes an paste that gently exfoliates your makeup right off!
2. Vaseline. This works great as an eye makeup remover- just make sure to clean it all off your face to help prevent blocking pores.
3. Baby Oil. This is another great way to gently remove heavy eye makeup.
If you’re not into your around-the-house items definitely check out Garnier’s Makeup Remover wipes. These are gentle on your skin and work like a charm!
Do you have any great makeup remover tips!?

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