Maybelline BB Cream Dream

I was a little apprehensive at first. Was BB Cream just another fad?  8 in 1? How could a little tube of more-or-less ‘moisturizer’ claim to accomplished 8 things… at 1 time!?

Well let me tell you—it works!

Maybeline’s Dream Fresh BB Cream has knocked my socks off and literally changed my every day makeup routine.

I am not sure how it works but from one thin layer of application, BB Cream acts as a moisturizer and a light foundation.

Normally, I would never DARE leave the house with just a tinted moisturizer on. But with BB Cream, I truly feel that I look fresh-faced and that my skin tone looks even. It’s great to apply when you’re just running out to do errands, or even meeting a friend for coffee. Not to mention, it’s a great way to let you face breath from all the normal coverup/foundation/powder combos.

I now use BB Cream nearly every day. I true BB-liever. Ok… that was a bit much.

Do you live the BB Cream dream?



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