Fall Décor on a Budget


You don’t have to have a huge budget or a degree in home economics to have the most amazing fall decorations and cozy ambiance in your space! We have some simple tips to decking out your pad in style that leave some cash in your pocket for Halloween candy and pumpkin spice lattes.

1.) Our first tip is to use items found in nature for a table top display or on your front stoop. If you are in an urban are like us, most can be found at your local grocery store or bodega.

Here’s a list of very inexpensive items you can use in an arrangement for your home:




Dried Hydrangeas (you can spray paint these gold or silver come the winter holidays!)


Lady or crab apple branches in a vase

2.) A beautiful fall wreath welcomes your visitors before they even set foot inside your home, and brings a smile to your face as you return home at the end of a long day. No need to spend a fortune.. a basic wreath made from waxy branches from a craft supply store like Michael’s will do the trick.  Adding to this basic wreath is very simple.

Options to add to your basic wreath (choose as many or as few as you like!):


Faux spider webs

Paper ghosts

Plastic black spiders

Orange and black glass bulbs

Orange or black ribbon


Leaf garland

Dried flowers affixed with floral wire

Craft supply store leaf garland

Craft supply store berry garland


Gold or maroon ribbon

Dried herbs affixed with floral wire

3.)  Twinkle lights are a great decorating option no matter what season it is. We found these orange lights at a Dollar Store equivalent in New York City for less than five dollars! By putting them in a glass vase, it heightens the look of them and you can create as many of these little displays as you want for viritually no cost.

If you already have white lights for the holidays on hand, why not intersperse them with the orange to give it a high-end feel while also stretching out the look to accommodate more space?



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