A New and Frugal Way to Try Wine – Happy Thirsty Thursday!

This week we are so thrilled to be drinking an amazing wine we got through an incredibly innovative website called Tasting Room.com!

They are a unique online wine retailer that lets you the consumer discover great wine at your own pace.

We are obsessed with what TastingRoom.com calls their ‘Wine Samplers.’ Customers can try wine in 50ml (1.7 oz.) bottles at home before investing in full-size bottles. This is so perfect for people who would like to discover high-end wines but don’t want to pay for a full-priced bottle just to try it out!

You can put together a Wine Sampler as a beautifully boxed gift for the holidays. What’s so amazing is that your loved ones can try so many different wines and enjoy the process! TastingRoom.com will even put together a sampler for you, like ‘Reds and Whites of California’ or even a celebrity hand-picked sampler.

They also use the same bottling process to offer ‘Wines by the Glass,’ which is (3.4 oz) so it’s slightly larger than their sampling portions. You can enjoy a glass of  high-end wine when and where you want, avoiding the inconvenience and expense of opening a full-size bottle. Claudia and I think this is perfect for New Yorkers like us, because when we stay home and cook we like a glass of wine, but opening a full bottle means it may go to waste if we’re dining out the rest of the week! What a great way to save money on wine.

Check out the TastingRoom.com website to see how easy the process is to buy wines by the glass or to put together an amazing sampler – you can even start our your search by price range. They have a whole section of gift ideas UNDER $30 … VERY Kisster approved!



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