Dollar Store Pumpkins make a great table setting

A beautiful table setting can really set the scene for a cozy autumn dinner. The most frugal and creative way to make a display is to use materials found in nature in addition to a couple whimsical items.

I found these ceramic pumpkins at the Dollar Store for $1 each when I was home this weekend for a beautiful fall wedding. I threw in the styrofoam pumpkin in addition for a little size variance. For $3.05, I had a very simple and very creative idea in mind for these pumpkins!


(just a note… my perfectionist father filled in a line around the styrofoam pumpkin with some putty before I could snap a pic!)

I’m going to make a place setting for dinner tonight involving these pumpkins and a few leaves. A centerpiece like this can be left out all autumn long, just add some beautiful fresh flowers and different lengths of candles for your Thanksgiving dinner.

the kissters

Sugar maple leaves have the most amazing hues!

My dad had so many different kinds of spray paint in the garage, but I wanted to try to keep my color scheme monochromatic. It looks much more high-end when you stick to a theme. We did this in the garage with the doors WIDE OPEN! Please make sure you are in a well-ventilated area before attempting to work with heavy-duty chemicals!

the kissters

We propped up each pumpkin with snipped bits of hose, but you can use anything. This is important to be able to spray all around the pumpkin so you cover all the parts that are in plain sight!

the kissters

Propped up pumpkins – so you can spray underneath!

the kissters

 I did 3 pumpkins as a trial run- but I think the more, the merrier!

DIRECTIONS: I sprayed the pumpkins once and let them dry for about 5 minutes, and then did a second coat. We let them dry after the second coat for 1 hour while I fetched the colorful maple leaves. It was that simple!

Below are some creative ideas for using the pumpkins. I’d like to do at least 10 for the Thanksgiving dinner table, and have dried and fresh flowers as the centerpiece. In the meantime, they’ll live in the fruit bowl where they add a little autumnal fun and shine!


the kissters

An outdoor setting

the kissters

Some persimmons and an apple to contrast with the pumpkins.

the kissters

Fun in the fruit bowl



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