Total Beauty has a Collection for HSN!

We are huge fans of the website ‘Total Beauty’ – it’s our go-to if we are researching new beauty products and reviews, looking for expert advice, or just want to learn more about one of our favorite topics!

So we can’t tell you just how excited we were when we learned that the Total Beauty expert editors had teamed up with the Home Shopping Network (HSN) to collaborate on a ‘Total Beauty Collection’ that features some of their top beauty picks, all in sample sized for YOU to test out! They are incredible high-end products that cost quite a bit at the store – so being able to get a ‘tester’ size before buying full size is simply genius.

To launch this collection, HSN will have a 24 hour LIVE beauty event, ‘Total Beauty Confidence’ on September 27th during which you can order this box (it is only $19.95!) and tune in to get expert beauty advice from the Total Beauty Editors.

There are 8 items in the box, and we reviewed 3 in our video below, so please check out our video to get your sneak peak like we did! And be sure to tune in to HSN on Thursday, September 27th to get your own Total Beauty Collection Box!



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