The perfect host gift

Claudia and I are so excited to be visiting our close family friends in Napa Valley this week. They are the consummate hosts in that they really seem to genuinely enjoy having us as company. They also get points for touring the beautiful wine country of California with us,  although they already live there. They make us feel so welcome with their warm smiles, incredible cooking, and homemade picnics.

Being that their hospitality is what makes our trip so incredibly special, we wanted to bring them a gift that expresses our deep gratitude!

Our hosts are bon vivants and adventurous epicures. They appreciate a well made cocktail or fabulous glass of wine, and picnicking with them in Napa Valley is a wonderful gourmet experience. Given those key details, we were able to put together a gift basket that we feel will delight their senses and some special items you can only find in New York! Here’s the gift basket we’ll be packing up to bring with us, as well as descriptions of all the great items below!


This soap is a wonderful addition to any bathroom or kitchen sink.


This handy jar opener  by Andrea’s was just five dollars and is a cute ‘New York’ memento.


This family winery also makes incredible fruit spreads that pair well with cheese. We thought ‘Fig Cabernet’ would complement a cheese plate nicely, and the Oshrha Tishbi website also suggests using it to spruce up a sandwich.


These PPD napkins were on sale because summer’s almost over in New York, but it’s always picnic weather in Napa!


This preserved lemon syrup from Morris Kitchen will be delicious in cocktails and teas.


This Q-Tee small-sized cutting board is another great item for picnics!


Only in New York  can we claim the rights to delicious Mast Brothers chocolate.



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