Quick shower tips!

Prolonging the life of your razor is going to save you money and  that last minute ‘I-didn’t-realize-my-razor-was-dull’ trip to the drug store!

Here are a few tips on how to lengthen the life of your razor.

1. After each use, rinse the hair and shaving cream from the blades. For maximum sharpness (i.e. the maximum shave) the blades of your razor should be free of all hair and soap.

2. Once you’re done rising your razor off, dab it dry with a towel! This all help prevent rust and corrosion from the water, keeping your blades sharper longer.

3. You can also prevent rusty blades by storing your razors OUTSIDE of the shower. This is what we do and it really works!

For more shower tips you can check out our video here!

Happy shaving!


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