Week Recap: Today Show, Fringe Festival, DIY!

The Kissters



Awesome week! Saw “Do me a little” at the Fringe Festival in NYC. It was incredible– heartfelt and hilarious!

Monday I got the chance to model on  The Today Show for a “tricky trends” segment with Fashion expert Liliana Vasquez of Cheap Chicas. It was a lot of fun; the clothes were amazing AND affordable. Not gonna lie– I learned a thing or two! If you wanna check out the segment go here: Tricky Trends on The Today Show.

On Tuesday Adriane and I shot a pilot called “Brutally Honest” where we interview experts to get their candid advice on a variety of topics. It was so much fun and I can’t WAIT to see the final product.

Other than that, had some castings and did some DIY project around the house — photos coming soon!

Tonight I am going to test a new cocktail recipe– trying to get creative with vodka and pineapple juice. Mmmm…

If you didn’t get a chance to see our new iVillage- My Best Idea episode this week check it out here: No More Mystery Boxes

Here’s to the weekend– cheers!





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