Victoria’s Secret Love My Body: Kisster Approved

Love My Body: Kisster Approved

From time to time it may feel as if your beauty regime is lacking in something.. well I can safely tell you right now that ‘thing’ is… MOISTURE! Keeping healthy, beautiful, and glowing skin is easier than it seems – you just need to make sure you are being good to your skin by moisturizing! And this doesn’t just mean lotion – moisturizing starts in the shower and goes way beyond!

Lucky for us we were fortunate enough to get an early sneak peak at the line of Victoria’s Secret new products in their ‘Love My Body’ line. They have incredible moisturizing capabilities your skin will love, and amazing scents that will delight your nose to no end!

Check out our video that highlights two of our ‘LOVE MY BODY’ favorites, then check out the full review on some great VS loot below!

1.)  ‘Amazing All Over’ Body Lotion in Jasmine and Water Lily – the perfect lightweight moisture for daily use – I use just after the shower.  The light floral scent matches well with anything else I choose to put on for the day!

2.)  ‘Nearly Nude’ Body Wash in Grapefruit and Basil – As Claudia says in the video – it smells like a fresh juice! This invigorating cleanser smells fresh and it’s perfect to get you going on early mornings. The citrus smell from the grapefruit is very energizing.

3.)  ‘Seriously Soft’ Body Cream in Grapefruit and Basil – This has the same amazing smell as the body wash and we love the richness of this cream. Excited to try this on tough spots like elbows and knees in the harsher winter months.

4.)  Body by Victoria Eau de Parfum –  Their newest perfume scent is fresh and feminine. The notes we noticed most were lightly citrus and floral – like the water lily in the body lotion. This is a great ‘day’ scent – perfect for the office, for brunch, or a coffee date!

5.) ‘Take it All Off’ Makeup Remover Wipes – Perfect for tossing in your gym bag or using at the end of a long night when you just can’t bear to go to bed with a fully made-up face! Love the clean and fresh scent.


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