Get this gorgeous laptop bag for less!

Emily Gimmel is our new hero. She founded her company GRACESHIP after the realization that traveling as a stylish woman with an essential purse and an equally essential laptop can be near impossible! Airports are always making you limit the number of cary ons, and let’s not even get started on the limited options of nice laptop bags for women out there!

GRACESHIP carries 3 amazing styles of women’s briefcases that not only hold all of your purse essentials, but they also hold up to a 17 inch laptop! We are obsessed with her ‘London’ bag, please watch our review here:

All of these gorgeous bags can be purchased for FIFTEEN PERCENT OFF (!!!)  if you go to GRACESHIP and use our code ‘KISSVIP’ when checking out! This is only for a limited time so please set out soon to accomplish the tough task of choosing a favorite bag and get one home!

Here are some of our favorite features of the bag:

– Soft, scratch-resistant outside.

– The inside is a gorgeous chocolate color.

– The inner compartment for your laptop is padded.

– There is so much storage so nothing will get lost!

– It is so gorgeous you can totally just use this as your purse or briefcase! (Helloooo, job interviews!)

– It only weighs 2 pounds

Here’s a little inside view of the pockets pockets pockets!

We put Claudia’s 12″ laptop inside to give you an idea.. it also holds my 17″ lap top!

DON’T FORGET about our %15 off code:

Let us know if you pick one up! We are in love with the London style but want to hear about your faves!



  1. Jordan

    i can’t find anything on the site about the materials–i’m assuming this is leather? it seems like the perfect bag, but it’d be nice if it was vegan friendly!

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