An EASY Cocktail Perfect for August!

Grilling out has got to be one of the best things about August. Admittedly though, one of the best parts of grilling out is having a nice cold cocktail while you’re doing it!

I found this easy to make cocktail on Food and Wine’s website last week and immediately ran to our our Upper West Side liquor store-slash-second home to pick up some Campari! Campari is an Italian liquor infused with herbs and fruit, giving it a bitter taste. It wonderfully balances citrus juice in cocktails and sweeter flavors.

We plan to serve this delicious pre-dinner cocktail this weekend while we have some friends over to the roof! It is SO easy to make and we love it because it is an easy recipe to make in big batches and to keep guests happy while you are flipping steaks and serving up sides!

Make this 2 hours before you plan to drink so it will be nice and chilled:

Photo courtesy of

3 ¾ cups Riesling or similar sweet wine

2 ¼ cups fresh Orange juice

1 cup Campari

Chill and serve with ice.

Here’s how ours turned out:

Happy Thirsty Thursday!!

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