Feeling Forgetful? Get a Photographic Memory in a Flash

It’s great to use multiple and diverse passwords for your online accounts, but sometimes keeping all of them straight can be a pain! Good news — There is a smart(phone) way to remember all those logins and keep your sanity.

The idea for “picture password retrieval” comes from Jessica Dukes, iVillage’s Community Director, who uses her smartphone to snap photos of her passwords so they’re always handy when she needs them. Just make sure your phone has a password, too, to keep your information is secure.

Using your camera phone is a great way to remember  little things you may need when you’re out and about, like your kid’s shoe size or where you parked the car. We use our smartphones to take photos of a great restaurant meal (with the name of the dish) as well as the label of a great bottle of wine, which can always be hard to remember when you actually need it.

Plus, you can take a snapshot of a beautiful flower arrangement so you can remember it — and recreate it at home for less!

Do you have a way to make sure you don’t forget important info? Share your ideas with us- The Kissters on My Best Idea.

Tell us your idea now!

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