A Protein Shake that keeps you looking Svelte!

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It’s 4pm and you’re standing in front of the office vending machine. The gentle electric hum soothes you as you scan the brightly color packaging of the salty and sweet snacks while quiely mumbling to yourself… ‘I’ve been so good today, just a little snack!’

Well, of course you’re hungry! You’re probably not getting enough protein! Consuming lean protein is one of the simplest ways to lose weight and keep it off, all while curbing your diet’s worst enemy:  hunger!

Two of the easiest ways to prevent the 4pm vending machine visit for something that’s going to ruin your diet are to:

  1. Eat a breakfast that is high in protein.
  2. Plan out a snack that’s high in protein and around 250 calories.

Well, what if we told you we have the PERFECT way to stick this healthy eating plan that is also INSANELY delicious?!

We were recently turned on to Calnaturale Svelte protein shakes. They are 16g of protein, around 250 calories, and low in sugar. They also are high in fiber, which is a healthy eating plan’s best friend! The flavors we got to try were: chocolate, french vanilla, spiced chai, and french vanilla. Try them for breakfast or a snack during your mid-afternoon energy slump. You won’t feel hungry for hours and you’ll love the energy.

I went straight for cappuccino while Claudia preferred the french vanilla.

Here’s a bonus little Kisster tip for ya! While Svelte is best enjoyed while very cold, what about freezing it?! As you may already know, The Kissters are big iced coffee enthusiasts. One of our favorite things to do is freeze coffee ice cubes so that when we make our own iced coffee it doesn’t get watery! Well, how about freezing some Svelte cubes and tossing them into your cold brew? This will make it so creamy and very nutritious!


Enjoy and check out more nutrition info for the delcious protein shakes at Sveltebrand.com




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