Ditch the dish.. Party snacks with no clean-up!

Say “goodbye!” to washing dishes by serving your snacks in edible containers with this fun solution brought to you by our iVillage.com show –  ‘My Best Idea.’

iVillage user Isabelle Gleason from Washington, D.C. shares her tip for cutting down on cleanup. She uses ice cream cones to serve delicious fruit and fruit salad. Easy to hold and fun to eat.

Making gelatin for dessert? Why not make making the treat in fruit rinds like lemons or oranges for a decorative and delicious new way to display your dish.

No party is complete with out some chips and dip, or even guacamole! Ditch the bowl and serve your dip in an avacado shell. That way you’re skipping one step in the cleanup process and not letting part of the ingredients go to waste.

Do you have a best idea or perfect party solution? Become a member of the  iVillage community  and share your  My Best IdeaTell us your idea now!

Claudia Kiss Adriane Kiss

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