A FAST way to organize your shoes

In our iVillage show ‘My Best Idea,’ we get to share tips that come straight from the iVillage community. Often when we’re on set, everyone cannot get over the tips, exclaiming, ‘Oh my gosh – I cannot WAIT to try this at home!!!’ and usually we all do!

I have to say one of my favorite ideas we got to share was the ‘Never Go without a Chip Clip Again,’ in which you snip off the plastic ends of store clothing hangers to clip together snacks or kids’ shoes.

I’ve modified this tip slightly and put it to work in my previously dis-organized closet! I use binder clips to hold together my sneakers, flats, and sandals. This tip saves me from always running late as I am put an outfit together at the last minute before dashing out the door – helplessly looking for the mate to the one shoe I have on my foot!

Are there simply solutions you use everyday that are big time savers? Let us know by checking out the ‘My Best Idea’ submissions

Happy clipping!


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