Say What!? Why you need ice balloons at your next party!



Balloons are a fun way to pump up the fun at your next party or event, but letting them float around the room isn’t the only way to celebrate. Check out these great tips on how to blow up your next party from My Best Idea and us–  The Kissters!

iVillage user Alexi Stathakis uses regular balloons in a unique — and smart! — way. She freezes the balloons and then uses them as decorative cool packs for chilling summer drinks and snacks. Choose balloons with colors that match your party’s theme for instant fun. Unlike ice that gets melted and wet, the balloons can be refrozen and reused, or wait until they melt and use them in a family water balloon fight.

We also suggest putting small LED lights or glow sticks in balloons to brighten up a nighttime event. Or hang non-helium balloons above your dining table for a whimsical chandelier.

Do you have a best idea or perfect party solution? Join us– The Kissters — as we share tips straight from the iVillage community on My Best IdeaTell us your idea now!

Time to par-tay!


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