Savvy Solutions for Messy Party Snacks!

My Best Idea

Parties are great, but cleaning up after them isn’t so fun. Save time on clean up — or eliminate messes altogether! — with these great tips from My Best Idea and us…The Kissters!

iVillage user Cary Pierson of Lutherville, MD shares a super simple tip for beverages. Tired of your ice bucket filling up with water making the cubes hard to scoop? Try putting the ice in a colandar over a bowl to avoid the watery mess.

We like to put those paper muffin and cupcake lineirs to good use beyond baking. They recommend poking a straw through a paper liner to cover your drinks from pesky bugs while dining outdoors. Plus, a muffin liner is a great way to keep kids hands clean while eating popsicles.

Do you have a best idea? Join us- The Kissters – as we share tips straight from the iVillage community on My Best Idea.

Tell us your idea now!



Now go plan a party!


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