Summer Beauty Fixes

Warmer weather is the BEST!! There is so much to love. New York becomes a playground in summer and we are 100% on board for eating outside, sunbathing in Central park, and NO close-toed shoes ‘til September!

The one downside to the better weather is that the heat and humidity can be a real beauty saboteur.

So that’s why today we wanted to do a quick video on 3 of our favorite summer beauty rescue products. We’ve got you covered when it comes to your biggest summer beauty woes. Frizzy hair, bad skin, and getting a tan without baking!

Clinique moisturizer

A mistake I’ve made in the past is not moisturizing enough and getting breakouts/bad skin because of it! When your skin gets dry, it will overproduce oil to compensate for being ‘thirsty.’ The heat and humidity of the summer months don’t mean you shouldn’t moisturize your face, you just need to be smart about it! Go for a lightweight forumla that is non-greasy.

I’m a huge fan of Clinique Moisturizer for Combo skin. Combo skin just means that you have dry parts, but you also have oily skin at times.

Another great product that the lovely folks at Sephora turned me on to recently is Origins lightweight mositurizer. The invigorating smell when I first tried it was enough to get me hooked!

Sephora self-tanner

We’ve blogged about self-tanners before but it bears repeating that self-tanning is the way to go if you want to be beautifully bronzed this summer but not deal with sunburns, early aging, and possibly skin cancer! #justsayin.

A tan glow makes you feel confident and gorgeous in summer clothes. One of our favorite go-tos has always been Sunlabs. These days we’ve been testing out a very user-friendly product from Sephora. It is so easy to use because it sprays on and it goes on very easily. Claudia rubs it in but I’m fine just letting it set for a few minutes before getting dressed!

Moroccan Oil

For every type of hair, (and I say this with conviction!) Moroccan Oil is a godsend!! My friend Jena first let me know about it in the dead heat of summer. I was desperate to try a new product that controlled my frizz but didn’t weigh my hair down. If you haven’t yet tried it go for the smaller size bottle. You may think you are paying a lot for a little product, but all it takes are a few drops. Apply to wet hair and see the results once it is dry!

Here is what Moroccan Oil will give your summertime hair (according to their site and my humble opinion):

  • Controls frizz
  • Protects hair from environmental damage
  • Hydrates and detangles hair
  • Softens thick and unruly hair
  • Restores shine and softness
  • Repairs damaged hair
  • Nourishes your scalp
  • Increases hair elasticity

Also, my new discovery is the Moroccan Oil Shine Spray! This gives me a little bit of extra softness to dry hair like mine. Claudia’s hair is finer and if she were to use it she’d probably get too greasy. But if you need a little something extra; or on particularly humid days, spray some on mostly dry hair and finish with a hairdryer or go au naturel!

Have a great summer everyone! Please comment on our post or YouTube video if you have summer beauty questions or want to share you own tips and tricks!


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