Simple Snack Ideas to Please Every Guest

New My Best Idea episode!!


Want to serve yummy snacks at your next get together, but hate how everyone gathers in the kitchen or around the food table? We’ve got a great solution for grab and go munchies that will make sure your guests are mingling.

The idea for a portable — and delicious! — seven layer dip comes from iVillage user Janine Golden from Bel Air, Maryland, who came up with her idea after she got tired of her party guests being tethered to the food table.

The seven layer dip isn’t the only way to keep your vistors mingling, the Kissters suggest making individual veggies and dip cups so your guests are free to walk around, or even making dessert s’mores kebabs so you can enjoy a treat without the messy cleanup after.


Do you have a best idea? Join us, The Kissters as we share tips straight from the iVillage community on My Best Idea.


Tell us your idea now!


AK and CK

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