Dress Sweats Are A Thing!

Dress sweats.

It’s a thing. Trust me.

Before heading off to a nice Hawaiian vacation last month, I had my girlfriend over so she could help me pack. While going through all of my fun beachy items she asked “What PJs are you taking?”…

“Oh just shorts and a t shirt…and some dress sweats”


“DRESS SWEATS… what the hell are those?”


“Ya know, like dressier sweats… cute sweats”


I felt her die a little on the inside.


My friend always looks cute. Even when she’s supposed to look “casual” she’s matching and decked out head to toe; always adorned in a David Yurman bracelet. 

I started to doubt myself. Was I being lazy? Was I tricking myself into thinking that I actually had sweats that could be deemed as “cute” or dare I say “dressy?”

After much debate, I decided YES. Dress sweat ARE a thing.

So take that.

And let me say for the record, I’ve coined this term. Dress sweats. I like the way it sounds.

Here is an example of what dress sweats might look like:

Victoria’s Secret; University Pant; $46.50


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