Lost an Earring? What to do with just one!

A new episode of our show “My Best Idea” is now up!

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Everyone has that little spot in the jewelry box for single earrings that have lost their mate. They’re too nice to throw out, but what can you do with one earring?

We’ve got some great single earring solutions from iVillage member Diane Henkler.  She’s the blogger behind InMyOwnStyle.com and shares affordable DIY decorating and craft ideas on her site.

You may not want to wear those mismatched earrings, but there are plenty of ways to put them to good use. Try using an earring to close that annoying gap at your bust on a button up shirt. Use them as decorative push pins on your bulletin board, or use hoop earrings as pretty charms to identify your wine glass at your next party or event.

Do you have a best idea? Join us, The Kissters, as we share tips straight from the iVillage community on My Best IdeaTell us your idea now!

My Best Idea

Stay tuned for more episodes coming soon!


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