Toning Moves as part of SELF Magazine’s Drop 10 Diet

As part of SELF Magazine’s Drop 10 Diet we are focusing on healthy eating choices but we are also making a concious effort to try and amp up our workouts for spring and summer.

We are both pretty active but would love to be toned for beach weather this year!

We went up to the roof and I showed Claudia what I have learned from great magazines like SELF, as well as my friends who work as personal trainers.

We’ll give you the step by step moves below as well as what results you can expect to see within the next few weeks. Do 10-12 reps in a set and do 3 sets of each move either after your cardio or in between. Please comment on this post or our YouTube video if you have any questions for us or would like to see any other moves explained!

Do my 3 step move below to tone up your glutes, thighs, core, and biceps (also your shoulders if you add the 4th ‘Advanced’ step)

Start with 2 Five to Eight pound weights at your sides.

Step 1: Take right leg back and bend into a lunge and hold for 2 seconds

Step 2: Bring weights up into a bicep curl as your bring right leg up to your left knee

Step 3: Hold and return to start

Step 4: (optional advanced) with right leg still bent at knee, raise weights into a shoulder press

Alternate your left and right legs for your set of 10-12 reps


Claudia’s move will tone up your butt, back, triceps, and core!

Start with 2 Five to Eight pound weights at your sides.

Step 1: Lift right leg back behind you, keeping your knee straight

Step 2: Bring weights back as if you were rowing, keeping your back straight and bending just your elbows. Keep hand perpendicular to your body

Do 10-12 reps with each leg lifted, and 3 sets of each

Here is the full video so you can see how easy these moves can be!

And if you are wondering where we got out workout gear, it is a new line from Victoria’s Secret called VSX. So comfy and SO cute!


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