Birthday Weekend!

Last weekend was not only Easter but it was also my 25th (gasp!) Birthday.

Thanks to amazing friends and family it was a blast. I had no intention to celebrate until this upcoming weekend but… … twist my arm, gimme a drink, and I’m convinced!

Kinda loving the “Be Funky” phone App lately. Here are some pics from the weekend:

Flowers to decorate the apartment… carnations at our bodega are 2 bunches for $5 ! Talk about frugal!

Had a break from mid-day shopping with some cocktails at the Noho Star… here we met Connor Mccreedy … famous South African artist… check him out: Connor Mccreedy

Gluten-free brownie/birthday cake! 

Pre-weekend outing at Bar Veloce wine bar… they have re-done the location on 2nd ave in the East Village…going to be perfect for summer happy hours!



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