Small Changes to Save Money and Calories!

When you are trying to eat healthy and stick to a plan, it can be a bit overwhelming. However, your goal is within reach! The biggest piece of advice we have learned  is that small changes can really make a big difference if you practice them every day.  The Drop 10 Diet is a great way  to keep track of your eating habits and it helps to educate you about healthy diets and exercise.

This week we are focusing on those small changes we can make at every meal. Another huge bonus of making a small healthy change in what you eat is that it can actually be cheaper! So, why not start a ‘Tiny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini’ fund? (Or whatever cute bathing suite you’re lusting after) Then, each time you save a little money you can drop it into the jar!

Below are some examples of how you can start saving calories and money at every meal:


  • The simple act of eating breakfast saves you the 11am crash and trip to the vending machine! Stock up on individual oatmeal packets you can take to work, or pick up a greek yogurt with a piece of fruit. Both options are very frugal and fire up your metabolism so you’re a calorie-burning machine all day long!


  • Do you add chips to your sandwich combo at the last minute while standing in line to pay? (Claudia and I are sooo guilty of this!) Well, try and hold out just a minute longer and pay for your sandwich without adding chips or a cookie. When you sit down to eat you will realize that you probably don’t miss them at all! Not only did you just save 200 plus calories, but you also have some extra change to throw into the bikini fund!


  • It’s a very simple and effective tip to know that cooking at home saves so much money and is much healthier than dining out. You can see exactly how you are preparing your food and make great choices.
  • If you are eating out there are some ways to be healthy and still enjoy the experience! First of all, try to skip adding a sugary cocktail to your evening festivities – not only will you save 300 plus calories, but you’re shaving dollars off of your final bill. If you simply must have a drink, order a glass of wine (150 calories) but wait until the food comes. By skipping a pre-dinner drink you are saving money because you are more likely to just have 1 glass with your meal – much more frugal AND healthy!
  • Skipping dessert can really be a challenge when all you want is something sweet after your meal. If you simply must have a taste of something sweet, then opt to split dessert with your dinner companion– you’ll both save money off of the final bill!

We hope you find these tips helpful! What are you doing to stick to a healthy plan for spring and summer? We’d love to hear!


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