Are you being kind to your feet?

April is National Foot Health Month!

So, to celebrate we wanna talk FEET for a little bit, and how you can keep them feeling good. Because let’s face it, when your feet aren’t happy, you aren’t happy!

Our first tip is to carry some flats or flip flops with you wherever you go this spring and summer if you’re dressed up in heels or wedges. Just throw them in your car if you drive, or if you are a city dweller like us, then just stash them at the bottom of your purse. No matter how good your cute 4-inch platforms feel as you are walking out the door; we predict they may just be killing your feet a few hours later.

Check these ‘City Flats’ out from Gap – They even come with their own drawstring bag!

Secondly, we are so happy that the warmer weather means it’s motivating to workout and to go for long runs! But did you know that if you aren’t changing your athletic shoes every 3 or 4 months then you could really be putting yourself at risk for injury? The experts say changing them at that frequency is much better for your feet!

And finally we just wanted to share with you these wonderful shoes we found called Aetrex! Not only do they have cute styles for spring and summer shoes, but they are some of the most comfy shoes we’ve tried on! It may look like a stylish shoe, but when you put this on you’ll know you are doing something good for your feet. We think investing in a pair of these for work is a great idea if you want to be comfy in your own shoes all day long.

Some classic sling backs.

These would be so cute with a bright sundress!

Happy Foot Health Month guys!


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