A Cereal to Eat Right Out of the Box.. (gluten)-Freely!

For about a year, Claudia and I have been gluten-free. We both realized we had a sensitivity to wheat and gluten and realized the easiest way to learn about how it affects us was to try cutting it out of our diet. We both did for 2 weeks to try; and we felt so much better right away! You can read more about self-diagnosis and the symptoms of celiac disease and gluten sensitivities at celiacentral.org.

At times it can be challenging to eat gluten-free, but more and more companies are working to provide more in-depth nutrition information as well as more gluten-free products!

You can imagine my delight the other day when browsing the cereal aisle at the grocery store and seeing a childhood favorite; HONEY NUT CHEX is now gluten free! General Mills is one of these great and thoughtful companies who are very serious about offering gluten free options.

I brought home the Honey Nut Chex and did a little online research (while taking a moment to grab a delicious handful straight from the box!) When I googled the topic, I found the amazing website, glutenfreely.com – which not only provides some great background on gluten allergies but also has thousands of gluten free products available! You can sign up for recipe ideas and deals sent to your inbox.

If you are living the gluten free lifestyle or just curious about trying it out, I also encourage you to check out the amazing blog Gluten Free Girl  – not only is it inspiring and cleverly written, but you’ll get delicious recipes for gluten free peeps and wheat-consumers alike!

As you know we are both participating in Self Magazine’s Drop 10 Diet! This cereal is a great option to sprinkle over plain yogurt in the morning. What a great way to start the day!

Check out our video on this awesome cereal:

Happy snacking!



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