Spring Fashion! What’s In, and How To Prep

To get us through these last couple transition weeks of New York winter into spring, we are dreaming of Spring Fashion! It’s already in all of the magazines and storefronts, so why not plan out your wardrobe now?

Our favorite way to save money and have a pulled-together look is to PLAN. AHEAD.

This week, take a look at all of the spring and early summer duds you have in storage, the back of your closet, or under your bed. Give to Goodwill the items you know you didn’t wear last season, and take note of your faves.

That way, before you head to out on a Spring shopping excursion, you’ll know what you have!

OK enough about planning.. let’s talk about what is IN!



Color-blocking, especially with Pastels:

Bold prints / Graphic Florals:

Bright denim:










20’s Dresses:





















For more pics and where to go for the looks we are loving for spring, check out our Pinterest!


    1. thekissters

      Yes, we totally agree! The big tip we’ve heard this season is to not be afraid to pair pastels and brights! Who needs neutral?
      Thanks for checking out our blog – we’re New Yorkers too! 🙂

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