March Madness: SunLabs

Sorry Basketball fans… this March I am deeming the term “March Madness” to refer to products I am mad about this March!

There have been so many beauty and fashion items I have become obsessed with lately and I want to highlight them this March!

We’ve blogged about it before but it deserves to be mentioned again… SunLabs self tanner! This self tanning lotion has become a steady staple in my routine. This March especially, I am loving this product because Spring and Summer are right around the corner and a nice healthy summer glow is much needed!

SunLabs is beyond amazing. It gives you a nice natural tan almost immediately and does not have that typical (orange!) self tanner tone.

A couple things you should know about SunLabs:

– When using the dark self tanning lotion it comes out black (or very dark brown) so don’t be afraid! Just blend into your skin like you normally would and you are good to go!

– Like all self tanners, SunLabs can leave your hands dark. We found that by washing your hands with soap and a little bit of baking soda, you can get rid of the self tanner very easily!

Let us know if you have tried SunLabs or if you have a self tanner you’re MAD about!



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