Zelens Skin Care

It can be hard to find a good face wash without getting stressed out, which is why we were so lucky to have been sent Zelens Luminous Facial cleanser a couple weeks ago. The past two weeks have been the most enjoyable cleansing experience! The face wash is the silkiest and most gentle product we’ve ever brought to our faces. Its clean and fresh smell reminds us of cucumbers and soothing chamomile.

In the winter it can be so challenging to find a face wash that won’t dry out your skin, and Zelens does the trick.

One of the secrets of the benefits of this face cleanser is Camellia Oleifera seed oil. It has been used for centuries in Japan to maintain smooth and soft skin. Camellia oil contains natural antioxidants and vitamins and it is rich in Omega 3 and essential fatty acids, which are beneficial for healthy and glowing skin. Camelia oil absorbs easily into the skin and hydrates the skin by replenishing lost lipids. As silky and smooth as the face wash may feel on your skin, Camellia oil will not clog your pores.

We hope you get the chance to try it out – you can learn more about the amazing Zelens skin care line at http://zelens.com/


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