What We’re Loving This Week

The last few weeks of winter are nothing short of miserable. Perhaps it is all of the ads I feel bombarded with on billboards and subway trains telling us just how soft the white sand is on the beach in St. Tropez.  Or it could be my own fault of mentally comparing my winter pasty skin to the bikini-clad beach dancing folks in those ads. Either way, spring feels like a millennium away and there is nothing I can do about it.

Which is why this week I am channeling my inner summer self with a few fun things that perk me up! Hope you find something on my ‘LOVE’ list that brightens your day!

Fun nails – Ok… time to ditch the muted greys, navys, and blacks. They were fine for winter, but to put yourself in a summery mood just change your color. Tangerine is so in for spring and I love it because it puts me in the best mood. Go for a red with an orangey hue and instantly beat the winter blues. If red’s not your bag try Claudia’s all time fave – ‘Minted’ by Revlon, or our other pick for spring, ‘Movers and Shakers’ by Essie.

Clambake – a tried-and-true Kisster favorite

Cocktails and a summery playlist– So maybe you can’t get away physically to another latitude, but it’s fun to pretend for a few hours. Yesterday Claudia and I made sangria with strawberries and pomegranate liqueur . Instantly I felt a summer feeling coming on just by getting out of my winter-red-wine-rut. Try and order a drink this weekend you’d normally get in the summer months, and put Bob Marley on the jukebox or turn up Vampire Weekend.


Pama-gria gets us in the mood for rooftop parties.

Vitamin D – Vitamin D levels are low in residents of the Northern Hemisphere during winter months which can lead to health problems and to put it non-scientifically – the winter blues! Foods like salmon, soymilk, cow’s milk, yogurt, and orange juice can all up your levels. Vitamin D Supplements are another low cost way to try and beat the winter blues!

Ombré Hair Style – I got this style this time last year and it’s been the best hairstyle ever. My ends still have great light glow and I want to get it again once I can book an appointment at Salon Santa Cruz in New York. I can’t think of an easier to manage style that draws light to your face and amps up your whole look!

Whitney Port rocks this dark-to-light hair and looks fabulous.



  1. bargaindiva

    Your post about Vitamin D is right on the money. My doctor just told me I’m WAY low on Vitamin D so it’s time to pull out the supplements! It’s so important for women to be aware of this!

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