How to Beat the Winter Blues!

Even though it is 60 degrees in New York today, we are still caught up in the fact that winter is just not going anywhere for a while! The winter blues cannot be avoided no matter the temperature and therefore must be BEAT!

We made a fun video that focuses on 4 ways to try and beat the winter blues. Simply put, here are 4 things that make us happy!

We hope you enjoy and please write us and let us know how YOU stay positive when it’s gross outside!

1.) One good thing about winter is cozy vests! My vest featured in our video is from a clearance sale at Filene’s Basement, so if you like it check out this one at!

2.) A colorful scarf can do so much for you without breaking the bank! We love fun pashminas. They are SO inexpensive you can pick up a few at once! Check out for their amazing collection of affordable scarves. We’re obsessed with this “peacock” color below:

3.) Try some Revlon cream blush on as a little beauty pick me up! It’s perfect for dry winter skin and gives you a dewy glow.

4.) And finally,  light ascented candle that remind you of summer! This can be anything from a beachy scent to a tropical flavored margarita! What a quick fix for the winter blues.

Check out the full video to see just how much fun you can have while you beat the winter blues!



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