Get healthy now: Sneak FIBER into your diet!

Let’s all take a moment to reflect on an important but too often ignored part of a healthy diet – FIBER!

Fiber is key if you want to maintain a healthy weight and do not want tummy trouble! I won’t go into the nitty-gritty of how fiber works and why your body needs it – that’s why we have super-smart doctors writing for the Mayo Clinic to give us the facts.

You can get fiber from a number of sources like whole grain bread, brown rice, nuts, popcorn, veggies, oatmeal, and beans just to name a few!

Sometimes though, you just want to make sure you are getting your fiber without doing a lot of food prep!

Here are some simple ways we ‘sneak’ fiber into our diets and feel a whole lot better for it!

1.)    Flax Seeds – stir a few tablespoons into a fresh jar of peanut butter when you open it. Now every time you go for a delicious snack with PB, you are getting lots of soluble and insoluble fiber!

2.)    Easy Veggie Add-ins – Thanks to companies like Amy’s and Kashi, there are some incredibly healthy microwave dinners out there. We are guilty of pulling these out of the freezer every now and again, but one way to make them much healthier and fiber-riffic is to mix in some veggies. I personally will steam some broccoli and toss that with my dinner. Claudia simplifies it further by placing her dinner on a bed of fiber rich spinach. Yum!

3.)    Sweet nothings – Splenda has come out with some genius ways of adding essential vitamins and nutrients to their calorie-free sweeteners. I love the Splenda 1 gram of fiber packs. I used these in my morning coffee and I’m delighted I get a whole gram of fiber before I’m even fully awake!

Check out the full video here:


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