Winter Beauty Tips

Don’t let yourself catch a nasty case of the winter beauty blues!

We have a few very simple tips to help you combat the cold.

1. Make sure you cover up that beautiful face as much as possible before heading outside. We’re talking hat, scarf, etc! When it’s really cold try to cover your ears with a warm cap AND a hood! You’ll be thankful you left the house in all those layers when your head is nice and toasty.

2. We can’t stress the need to moisturize too much – especially in winter! We’re loving Aveeno Calming moisturizer, found at your local drugstore. It has the natural ingredient feverfew that helps combat redness. This moisturizer also has SPF, which you definitely need in the harsh winter sun!

3. Our most delicious tip is to stay healthy with Vitamin C! The best way to combat colds is to stop them before they start!

4. Vaseline is another face-saver we swear by. Protect your skin from the wind and cold with a little bit of this. Bonus! It makes a lovely lipgloss for a subtle neural lip!

Check out the full video here for more on our winter beauty tips!

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