Feel Better Box!

It’s winter and that means snow, hot coco, and gorgeous boots! But it also means cold and flu season. BOO!

Hopefully most of you will avoid the winter cold blues but not everyone is going to be so lucky!

If you want to cheer up a friend or loved one that is suffering from the sniffles, try putting together a Feel Better Box!

You can get a cute box at any craft store like Michael’s.

(some cute examples) 

Things you can include:

– Cough drops

– Small pack of Kleenex (these come in all sorts of fun colors)

– A few packs of tea

– Suduko or crossword book

– Nail polish and nail file (a bright color can brighten the mood!)

(color: “size matters” in the 2012 winter collection by essie)

– Small piece of fun jewelry (H&M and Forever 21 are great places to look)  

– GET CREATIVE- almost anything goes… if it’s gonna cheer up your friend, it’s probably a go!

Stay healthy!



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