New Years’ Resolutions

Sitting on the family couch last week and watching ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas,’ I had barely finished polishing off the last perfect bite of delicious pie with cinnamon whipped cream when the commercials cut on and a 6 pack of abs started practically talking to me from the television. YOU CAN HAVE THESE ABS! BUY OUR WORKOUT DVDS AND IN JUST MINUTES A DAY YOU CAN TRANSFORM YOUR FIGURE AND YOUR LIFE!

Hm. My figure and my life? Seems a bit much. I know that this is the time of year we are bombarded with makeover and diet and exercise themed commercials. I can’t tell anymore if I really have any resolutions, or if it’s just good marketing that’s gotten into my head. Claudia and I have made a new resolution this year. NOT to make huge resolutions. Seems pretty simple, but I think it just may work for us this year. I’m thinking I’ll feel a lot less guilty come March when I look back at some of the resolutions I have accomplished.

This isn’t a vote in favor of ‘aiming low’ when it comes to your resolutions, I just think it feels so darn good to tick things off my list that I’m writing out my resolutions that are a whole lot more detailed and less big picture this year!

Here are a few examples of things that will make you feel great and help you towards bigger resolution goals:

–          Organize that drawer/closet/basement that’s been taunting you in 2011.

–          Resolve to get up earlier in 2012. Who knows, once you get used to it you could feel like going to the gym during that time?

–           If you feel like detoxing after the NYE festivities, resolve to only have a couple drinks on the weekends in January. Trying to do a detox overhaul is more likely to be broken!

–          To feel more productive in the New Year, resolve to take a look at your browsing history upon finishing up an internet session. It’s very eye-opening to see how many people’s Facebook pages you checked out without really learning anything new. This will DEFINTELY make you more aware of the time you’re spending online!

–          A diet overhaul can be overwhelming and makes it easy to get discouraged. Try some simple and small fixes to get the ball rolling:  8 glasses of water a day, switching white for brown rice, or only drinking soda on the weekends!

Happy New Year everyone!



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