Warm up this winter with Spiked Cider!

We were recently reminded of our love for spiked cider by a visit to our favorite Upper West Side wine store. During one of their amazing tastings, they paired a small pour of light rum with a topper of warm apple cider. We were in cinnamon heaven and couldn’t wait to rush home to make our own.

The same weekend Claudia came up with her own recipe with some friends. They mixed the rum and apple cider in a pot over the stove and cut an apple into small pieces so they had yummy chunks with each ladled cup.

After that spiked cider became such a hit, we researched further and came up with the official Kissters’ recipe for simple spiked cider.

All you need:

2 quarts apple cider

1 cup dark rum

1 apple, studded with cloves

Orange peel

Simmer all ingredients in pot over stove on low heat. Ladle out spiked cider into mugs. Leave apple and orange peel in pot on stove. This can be served hot or cold!



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