Holiday Gifts – we have a solution!

Holiday shopping can be absolute madness. I’m actually Thankful to be in the office today and not out and about in the Black Friday crowds! Sure, I know I’ll have to make the inevitable holiday shopping trip(s) this month to check off those naughty and nice folks on my list, but today I am laying low.

One tip that Claudia uses to help keep up with her list of gifts for loved ones is to keep a gift book. I’ts just a small notebook to keep in your bag or at your desk, and you can jot down present ideas when they come to you! We often get inspiration at times of the year other than Christmas, and it’s helpful and frugal to write them down and buy them later. That way you aren’t scrambling the week before Christmas or Hanukkah to find something. Often when you have no idea what to get, you end up spending more money on a gift.

This week on my¬†Blog for Isaac Mizrahi’s line on QVC, I gave Claudia a shout-out for the genius gift-book idea. The folks at QVC are offering a big incentive to shop on Cyber Monday – yet another reason to skip the lines today!

Here a couple cute books you won’t mind taking around with you to keep all your clever ideas contained. Happy Shopping!

Moleskine red notebook @ Barnes and Noble – $5.95!


Lotke set of 4 Eco-Friendly notebooks – $8.99!

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