A Simple and Delicious Cocktail for Holiday Entertaining

The holidays are upon us and it’s the time of year for cocktail parties, dinners, happy hours, and company shindigs. In the spirit of the season, what better way to celebrate the great people in your life than to have them over for a party? We’re throwing our annual Thanksgiving Potluck dinner the Sunday before Thanksgiving for all of the wonderful friends we have in our lives. They are also all good cooks and love to eat, making our fete all the more fun!

One of the simplest entertaining tips we swear by is to have a signature cocktail at the ready when your guests arrive. You can greet everyone with a drink in hand and not be stranded behind your bar or in our case, the kitchen table! We were lucky enough to have Bak’s Bison Grass vodka sent to us at the start of this busy holiday season. On its own, we love the ‘fresh’ taste the bison grass vodka has and the smoothness this vodka adds to any cocktail. We came up with a simple concoction (recipe below) that really lets the refreshing flavor of this vodka shine. You may note we also opted for diet soda because of the heavy meal and wine we planned after our cocktail and hors d’oeuvres hour. If you like less sweet and REALLY love the vodka taste, feel free to use Club Soda in place of the Diet Sprite or 7Up!

Easy Peasy Thanksgiving Bison Grass Cocktail:

1 ½ oz Bak’s Bison Grass Vodka

7 oz Diet 7 Up or Sprite

2 ozOrganic Cranberry Juice

Squeeze in an orange wedge


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