Go Long!

One of my FAVORITE summer trends was the long maxi dress. A maxi dress says “comfort” and “dressy” at the same time.

Here is one of my favorite go-to summer dresses:


I got this baby for 10 bucks at Target 2 seasons ago.

The reason I love maxi (or long) dresses for fall and winter is because it is so easy to put your outfit together when layering with a maxi dress!  If you only have to pick out 1 dress (as opposed to a skirt/shirt combo or jeans/shirt combo) you are nearly finished with completing your outfit. It’s just so easy!

What I am getting to is I have a new favorite idea/trend/fashion item for fall… The long dress for autumn. Valentino had the long dress debut in his Fall collection which means it’s GOTTA be hot for Fall!

When I saw this piece in Old Navy (photo on right) I almost walked right by it. It seemed bizarre to me to have a long sleeve long dress. And then I really took a look at it. The material was so soft, the cut was cute and it looked so easy to dress up or down with flats or wedges or boots!

I tried it on and fell in love. Oh yes, not to mention on a clearance sale it was only $6.99!!!

I can’t wait to try this dress with different combinations like jackets, scarfs, etc.

Keep a look out for these dresses for fall. Don’t be afraid to go long!


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