Wella Velvet Amplifier – A Product Review

Every time I am in the drugstore I am instantly drawn to the hair products section. Like a moth to a flame, I can’t explain the need to take each bottle that calls my attention off of the shelf, hold it – feel it’s heft, and sometimes sneak a whiff of the shampoo, deep conditioner, or straightening cream. I guess it is part of my desire to find hair bliss – I’m always searching for that one product that will make my locks shiner, softer, and more manageable. I can’t begin to think of how many different conditioners, oils, sprays, waxes, gels, and creams I’ve tried in my life; too many to remember!

The Kissters were lucky enough to receive a new product from Wella Professional hair care recently. It’s called the Velvet Amplifier and what it’s meant to do is gently assist any and all products you use on your hair. Just like a primer on your face helps the application of concealer and foundation, this amplifier adds an extra boost to your hair products. I washed my hair this morning and put the amplifier on while it was still wet. After letting that soak in, I put in my usual style aid – Living Proof NO Frizz cream. Immediately I could feel the product was ‘taking’ to my hair more easily. Now, later in the day I am SO HAPPY that I used the amplifier! I feel as if it gave my whole routine a big boost – my hair feels much smoother than if I were to just apply my product as usual.

This cream gets a Kissterly ‘xo’ because I know it’s going to save me money. You only need a very small amount of the amplifier so it will last a long time. Also, I didn’t have to apply as much product as I usually do, so it’s going to lengthen my use of other products! And hey, whatever gets me away from those drugstore shelves and the temptation to buy a new hair product every week is FINE BY ME!


Check out our full review here:


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