A Thrifty and Green Halloween!

Halloween is a holiday that is all about fun! And this year we are decorating and celebrating for just pennies. We’ve gathered up some of our favorite tips and tricks to help you make the most of the Halloween festivities this year, while being eco-friendly and sticking to a budget!
You can create fun, inexpensive Halloween decorations by adding a little creativity.
  • Make or Invest in a beautiful wreath made of dried flowers or craft berries. If you don’t have time to make your own by drying flowers and such visit your local craft store. Add a little bit of black and orange ribbon to make it a festive door-hanging for a Halloween party. Then change it up with another color ribbon for Thanksgiving.
  • White votives in paper bags with spooky designs make really inexpensive party décor. Try drawing jack-o-lantern faces or bat shapes onto the bags. Kids will love helping with this project!
  • Instead of buying special orange or purple lights to hang for this one occasion try inexpensive lanterns to put over white lights that you can use all year round. These copper covers, available online, suggest that pumpkin feel.

Treats for Less

Halloween treats can be expensive. Try these ideas for helping to curb the budget impact.

  • A carved pumpkin is one of the most iconic décor pieces of a Halloween-themed home. Don’t toss the seeds when you scoop out the pulp. Instead, rinse the seeds and let them dry. Then, toss with olive oil and sea salt and roast in your oven for 40 minutes at 300 degrees – stirring occasionally. A yummy and healthy treat!
  • Organic and eco-friendly candy options are available, but sometimes they are more expensive. However, we found a green and cash-saving candy this year: Yummy Earth organic lollipops — non-GMO and allergen free. With free shipping, the pops are only 11 cents a piece.
  • How about some simple but delicious punch for a party get-together? Mix in a punch bowl 1 bottle of dry champagne, one 2 liter bottle of ginger ale, one 10 oz package of frozen strawberries, and 10 oz of frozen green grapes. Pour your DIY punch into jars collected over the years for parties. If you have not had that idea till this minute or for some reason have neglected to start your jar collection for entertaining purposes try it! If you have to go paper go with a compostable brand Bgreen’s 100% Biodegradable, 100% compostable hot or cold cup you can get 50 for like $6.00 pricey, yes so collect the jars. Whichever way you go you can decorate them with black plastic spider rings or other fun embellishments you can wash and re-use next year. Also, have your guests write their names on their cups with a black sharpie – that way you’ll waste less if everyone holds on to their own cup.

Reusable Attire Saves Bucks

Lastly, a great costume can be the best part of the Halloween festivities, and you can do it for less with just a little planning!

  • One idea we love is getting together with your friends at the start of the month to see if anyone has used costumes or fun pieces they aren’t wearing this year. By sharing pieces, you will help each other come up with some fun ideas for costumes and themes
  • Another trick is to hit up vintage and thrift stores before buying anything new. These stores are not only frugal and eco-friendly, but you can get inspiration for ideas just by making the trip! A great vintage piece can be turned into something fun and scary. For example, how about an 80’s prom dress for a cool ‘ghostly prom queen’ look? Just add ghoulish white face paint, ribbon for the torn sash, and fake bloodIf you’re going trick and treating, use a reusable bag. A pillow case is an old standby. The dollar store has cheap options. You can sew up your own. Or if you want to buy someone else’s creativity that can be used year after year check out DovesNestDesigns on Etsy.

We’re doing monthly webisodes on Thrifty & Green.com – so be sure to check out their site for more eco-friendly AND budget friendly tips!

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