Fall 2011 Trend Report

When it comes to spring and summer fashion, you shed layers.. in fall, you pile them on. We can’t help but catch the excitement that’s going around for Fall Fashion! We picked up our September Vogue and were delighted by not only by its heft, but also the stunning fall trends within, but also the gorgeous ads in between articles. We noticed a lot of burgundy, leather, and luxurious fur trim.

We’ve also scoured the web for the best of fall fashion for this year. If you saw our spring fashion videos, you know we are big fans of Neiman Marcus. Each season they do a concise report of the trends. As true Kissters, we want to share them with you, and next give you the insight into where to find all of the trends for less. But before we get started on our bargain-hunting; let’s get the quick rundown from NM.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Seen above:  Ladylike chic, Bordeaux, Colorblocking, Fur, Pumps, and Shimmer



  1. sarah

    I found you guys on youtube not too long ago…. but I really hope you are not condoning wearing fur!! if you don’t please add faux fur so people know style and compassion are compatible!

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