White or Wrong?

White or Wrong?

“You should not wear white after Labor Day.” This is one of fashion’s oldest and most debated rules.

A 2009 Time article by Laura Fitzpatrick explains where this fashion custom came from:

“One common explanation is practical. For centuries, wearing white in the summer was simply a way to stay cool — like changing your dinner menu or putting slipcovers on the furniture.”

” ‘Not only was there no air-conditioning, but people did not go around in T shirts and halter tops. They wore what we would now consider fairly formal clothes,’ says Judith Martin, better known as etiquette columnist Miss Manners. ‘And white is of a lighter weight.'”

Considering that this is the reason, I think it is safe to say many people now have air-conditioning or fans at least, so wear your white! Not to mention, rules are meant to be broken!

Check out these awesome fall/winter white looks!


Mulberry Wool Skirt








Burberry Wool/Cashmere Coat









Isabel-Marant Knit Sweater






These are designer looks (at designer prices) but you can find similar simple pieces at stores like Forever 21, H & M, and Old Navy.

Have an awesome Labor Day weekend!


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