Beat the Heat!

This heat is about as ridiculous as Adriane after a couple martinis!

BUT I have a few tips to help you stay cool in the 100 degree weather!

1. Drink Water. I am sure you “know” this… but really… DRINK UP! Staying hydrated is extremely important during this miserable weather. Fill up a water bottle and toss it in your bag before you leave the house. If it is hard for you to chug-a-lug just plain water, use Crystal Light. My favorite is the Pink Lemonade!

2. ‘Wet One’ your back. Say what!? This tip I learned from a makeup artist last week. If you just can’t beat the heat, take a Wet One and  place it on your lower back beneath your clothing. It cools down your body almost immediately. For extra goodness, you can opt for a lovely scented kind. Getting cool while breathing in the sweetness of pineapple? Um, ok!

3. Watermelon. This is the most refreshing summer treat. And it has more than one benefit. First of all, it sneaks water into your body to help you stay even more hydrated. It also makes for a wonderful snack or dessert for barely any calories. Lastly, check out this nutrition label I found at  Not too shabby, eh?!

Stay cool, my friends!


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