Dab Away Your Shine

It’s 91 degrees in New York today. NINETY ONE.

I still have a lot to be thankful for though:   Fountain drinks with lots of ice, the shade of tall buildings and trees, air conditioned subway cars, and cheap toilet paper.

“Cheap Toilet Paper?!?” you may ask; but I stand by its redeeming qualities!  

If you’re blessed like I am to have an ever-shiny face when heat waves hit, then you need to try my cheap toilet paper trick.  

Find the nearest public restroom or the bathroom at your place of work – those are your best bets!  Fold a few squares of the not-so-soft stuff and dab your nose, forehead and chin and watch the oil slick from your face transfer itself from you to the paper! Press just firmly enough so it can cling to the oil. Look in the mirror now – no shine! Feel free to finish with a bit of powder if you want, but all the excess oil is gone. You just don’t get the same absorption from the fancy soft TP.  

So dab away and stay strong in this heat, ladies and gents! February will be here before we know it.


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