July 4th Outfit Options!

I look forward to any event that I can turn into an excuse to dress up.

The 4th of July is a perfect example.

In order to decide what I want to wear, I am going to browse the glorious World Wide Web to seek inspiration. And, because I am a frugal Kisster, I am going to put together my best version of it from my own closet!

 I could do the nautical look:

I really like the striped dress with the long gold necklace. It is very casual with a hint of bling. I could wear this with flats to make it uber casual or even wedges to dress it up.

 The dressy look:


Because it is a major holiday it is totally acceptable to dress it up even if you’re going to be eating hotdogs and drinking beer all day.

I found this Ruby Rox dress online and fell in love. I love the cut and colors. It is dressy without going over the top.

City meets country look:

This look has a slight boho vibe but for me it also has a country feeling without being too over the top. I would probably pair this look with wedges to make it a little more dressy. I like how the black skinny jeans represent the city and the white flowy top represents the country. Yee-haw! I am diggin’ this look.

What to wear, what to wear?

I’ll decide and let ya know!


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