Thirsty Thursday with Kisster Pirate Punch

Happy Thirsty Thursday! We hope you are just as excited for the weekend as we are!

The beautiful June weekend ahead is putting us in the mood for some punch.. Kisster Pirate punch! Our friends at BlackBeard Spiced Rum sent us a bottle this week and we happily concocted a delicious cocktail in their honor.

BlackBeard is an honorary Kisster not only because they are 1.) delicious, but 2.) their price point is 5 dollars less than their Spiced Rum counterparts! Now, that’s a cocktail ingredient we can get behind!

Here’s how to make ‘Kisster Pirate Punch!’

1 1/2 oz BlackBeard Spiced Rum

4 oz Cranberry Juice

2 oz Pineapple Juice

Fresh Lime juice


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