93 degree thoughts

It is nearly officially summer and today has already reached a whopping 93 degrees. Did spring even happen?! No, I don’t think so. We surpassed one of the loveliest seasons all year. But after this brutally cold and bitter winter I am totally ok with that. Bring on temperatures in the 90s… anything but the piercing wind that chills you to the bone. Brr.

But because it’s summer it means things in the working world – or my working world- have slowed down. During summer the entertainment industry (acting and modeling) switches engines and it becomes a torturous hit-or-miss period. I have been constantly looking at my phone…

“Please ring. Please let this phone call be the next job—a commercial perhaps—no a NATIONAL commercial that will have me set for a year!”  Alas, it is silent.

BUT this means one good thing…. more time for blogging! *cue music*

YAY! Ok so a few things I have been noticing on the wondrous streets of NYC

–          Long dresses- so happy these are still popular I adore them. However, it seems that they have gotten “dressier” but I can totally dig it. Silky materials are being worn for night time looks. With wedges- this look is a must.

–          Pink/Red/Coral toes! Last summer I was sporting OPI’s “Minted” look but this year I am going to jump on this apparent band wagon and opt for a classic pink, red, or coral. Also, I feel that these colors can match anything unlike the less conventional blues, yellows, and greens.

–          Tribal patterns.  Actually, patters in general. I mean EVERYWHERE. Patterns are popping up on tops, dresses, shorts, and even shoes. I am SO happy. I love patterns, all types! The tribal-type patterns look great when they mix a neutral black or brown with a pop of color like teal or orange. New project: search for a tribal patterned…SOMETHING.












www.dorothyperkins.com $50

Ta ta for now! More rambling later!


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