Store Brand is YOUR Brand

I’ve always been a big fan of buying the store brand when it comes to easy-peasy purchases like paper towels and generic cereal (Hellooo Whole Foods 365 brand – YUM!)

A recently store-brand I discovered and promptly fell in love with is the Sephora brand. I bought 3 difference eyeliners there for an excellent price.


I got two of their Jumbo eyeliners at $8 each, and for a party-look, they are amazing. (I got one in purple, and one in shimmery beige) Claudia tends to steal the purple pencil when she wants to do a fun eye for a night out. I am seriously considering getting one in Every. Single. Color.


The biggest thrill though was when I discovered just how amazing Sephora’s nano eyeliner pencil  is. Typically, if I apply eyeliner before work , by the time 5:30pm bathroom touch-ups roll around, I’m in need of complete smudge-cleaning and a total reapplication. This is never an issue with the Sephora nano pencil! At just $5 a pop, this long-lasting tool goes on smooth and almost has the cool feel of a gel. I bought it in black but the line is so thin and smooth it doesn’t look too heavy for day time. This discovery has opened my mind to their ever-growing island-turned-aisle of Sephora brand products. Sign me up!

 Pick-up Sephora’s store brand nano pencil, and even a pre-work application will stick around for your happy hour plans!

One Comment

  1. amy

    any tips on how to wear colored eyeliner? do you prefer applying it to both lids, just the top, or maybe the creases? i can’t seem to find a way that works. thanks!

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